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I am opening an url with some images on it in a WKWebview in a Xamarin project. But the images are not loaded. The same URL works in mobile Safari and also worked in UIWebview. I already added the
Swift: Unable to load local images in WKWebView. The problem is that this statement is wrong: My folder structure: - web-- images-- test.png-- index.html. That may be what the Project
HI! Plugin works incorrect when running on WKWebView, because of this condition if (window.location.protocol === 'http:' || window.location.protocol === 'https:') it ...
Re-indexing did help a little, now it was may be 3 min. But after some time it will be slower again. No queries, no block refs, only couple of starred notes on the sidebar. But! I have a lot of md files imported from other program (OneNote) and they are not in